4 Trade Show Ideas That Really Work

In order to grow your business you need to implement some trade show ideas that are tried and tested. Trade shows are considered as a great opportunity to promote your business, it’s products and what you stand for. This is the reason why businesses are always keen to take part in trade exhibitions. A company can benefit in many ways by taking part. It can launch their new products effectively, generate leads and strengthen the relationship with existing customers and forge new relationships with potential customers. However, to obtain the desired results by participating in trade shows, it is really important to have good trade show displays so that one can stand out from the crowd and get the attention of the audiences and customers. This is the reason why one should look to implement the trade show ideas that follow:

Choosing Unique Trade Show Displays

Customers always look for something new and attractive. If you want to attract someone, you should develop the qualities that can attract and make people come to you. This simple logic applies when it comes to setting up a trade show booth too. Having the best trade show display products are always considered as one of the crucial exhibition ideas you need to implement. There are huge varieties of trade show displays available for sale. Some of the display items are banner stands, back wall displays, crates, flooring, kiosks etc. By having unique and aesthetically appealing trade show display items, it is sure to stand out from the crowd easily and make it easy for others to identify your brand.

Having Giveaways And Handouts

Of course having visually appealing trade booth displays can make a trade booth unique and appealing to the masses. However, it is not sufficient and you should have something that can make the visitors more engaged with your booth. Giveaways and handouts are one of the best trade show ideas to implement. By offering giveaways and compliments, you are not only pulling the passerby but also promote your booth and brand name effectively. So, having giveaways and handouts in your booth will not only pull the audience to your booth but also make them very interactive with you. As the visitors may have your giveaways for longer period, your trade booth and product/service will be more remembered. A good idea is to have a major giveaway at a certain time of the day and make all potential customers that pass by aware of it. This will draw them back to your stand at that particular time (drawing them away from competitors stands) and then allow your sales people to take advantage and hopefully nab some sales!

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Entertainment and Services

Usually people visiting trade shows got bored soon after visiting many monotonous booths. Having entertainment and offering small attractive services are always effective trade show ideas that get results. You can have magicians, jugglers, caricature artists in trade booth so that the visitors feel entertained and can see you are a company that is innovative and friendly. Giving complimentary services like providing mobile charge stations, temporary tattoos (if that fits in with your customer base), free shoe shines are the best ways to pull in and get connected with the audience. Of course, having attractive women enticing customers to your stand is also a tried and tested formula although most companies will deny this is a technique they utilise! Offering entertainment and services certainly make your trade booth to be well remembered in a sea of booths that all look the same. You can offer any type of entertainment and services, however, it is should be genuine and done with care and interest. It is better if it is more relevant to the business.

Guest Visitors/Celebrity

Having good communication with the people who visit the booth is very important. It is very important to appoint trained and specialist people in the trade booth to attend the visitors, attend to their queries and exhibit essential and informative communication. Additionally, having a celebrity or any industry expert is one of those great trade show ideas that work very effectively. That’s because people like to meet the popular person in person. You can invite an industry expert and get them to give a seminar or presentation in your booth. This is sure to attract the potential audience and also build a very strong image to your business and brand too.

When exhibiting at a trade show it’s really important to differentiate yourself from all your competitors. By implementing the trade show ideas highlighted you are sure to be on to a winner, be the stars of the show and firmly establish your brand in the minds of your potential customers.

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