Why Your Exhibition Needs A Fabric Pop Up Display

We all know that exhibitions and trade shows are a great place for displaying and promoting your products to a large potential customerbase. Since people from different parts of the world visit a trade fair in search of the right kind of products, effective tools must be utilised for marketing purposes in order to grab their attention. Fabric pop up stands are a great option in this regard and they have plenty of advantages over the other modes of display. 

Fabric pop up display is gaining acclaim for its multiple easy going features. The fabric stands are made up of material that is wrinkle free in nature so that the material can be easily stretched over robust metal and glass frames. The entire structure makes it visually appealing to attendees of trade shows. Fabric pop ups are ideal to be used as display stands as they are such a versatile form of marketing tool. Their light weight and adjustable forms make them so admirable for promotions on a commercial basis. The easy way to fold them makes it incredibly easy for the exhibitors to carry them in their personal vehicles rather than renting a vehicle and you don’t need a large team to assemble them once at the exhibition.

fabric popup

In todays tough times fabric pop-up stands will continue to increase in popularity because they are very cost-effective and have the ability to grab the attention of large crowds that frequent trade shows. They are also very versatile in the sense that you can tailor the display according to the exhibition and even if you are struggling to attract customers to your stand you can adjust the velcro fastenings and display to change up the look with different images. With a traditional banner stand you are usually stuck with a fixed look so textile popups have the advantage of being able to be changed “on the fly”. Fabric banner stands are also great for split-testing the effectiveness of your displays by changing them up and testing how effective they are. Try doing that with a traditional fixed image banner stand! Another good quality of these stands is that they do not consume a whole lot of space and you do not have to hire storage facilities to put them away between exhibitions.

Fabric popups are also great because if they get dirty and spoiled at exhibitions or in transit they can easily be cleaned (many businesses will even pop them in a conventional washing machine). It is for these many benefits that fabric pop up display stands will continue to be an increasingly popular proposition at trade shows and exhibitions.

How Fabric Pop Up Displays Can Benefit Any Exhibition

Amongst the many different types of exhibition stands available for you to purchase or hire, the fabric pop up is one that is definitely worthy of selection. As we all know it is of vital importance to pay utmost attention, while making arrangements for the display of products or services at any trade fair or exhibition. As a promotional aspect, the proper display choice and other design factors which makes the product or service more attractive to consumers should be one of your prime concerns. In this modern world, the visual aspect to promoting your companies offerings is very important. Thus from a consumer perspective you need a visual hook to draw them to your stand and your products and to somehow catch their attention when in a trade show environment all they can see is a sea of banner stands. It is for this reason that fabric pop up displays have proved to be an ideal choice of exhibition display solutions.

Fabric pop up banner displays provide a robust structure which is well known for its varieties of convenient aspects and comfortable portability features. A wrinkle-free kind of material which is stretchable over a fiber glass frame or strong metal is used for the fabric panels in this kind of pop up banner. To fascinate the attendees of these exhibitions, fabric pop up displays are an best choice as the whole structure of it creates a visual treat and a great appeal in their minds.

Fabric pop up displays are available in wide variety of eye catching and bold formats (such as traditional straight displays or curved ones). This kind of displays can be designed in the customized manner as per the requirement of the advertisers with tailor-made graphic designs, logo, pictures and text styles using velcro-friendly fabric panels with a choice of colors and fabric finishes. The beauty of fabric display stands is primarily in it’s flexibility. With these pop-up stands you’re able to change the stands graphics whenever you please. This means that you can tailor the display to your audience as tastes and styles will vary from exhibition to exhibition (and from city to city). Just like vinyl display, in fabric pop up displays they are much lighter than the traditional banner display and also more durable in the sense that should they get dirty whilst on display or in transit they can actually be “dry-cleaned” or even be put through a conventional wash in a washing machine!

fabric popup

With more gusto one can showcase the message which you wish to exhibit in fabric banners by customizing it as per the taste. High quality fabric pop up displays will be a ideal choice not only while exhibiting the product or service in trade fairs or exhibitions but also one can make use of such promotional advertisement near the point of sale counters which will surely have a impact on sales at a trade show.

One piece of graphic panel will be attached to the frame to make it as fabric pop up display systems. These kinds of systems are available in a variety of designs. On carpet runways, as portable backdrops one can also opt for flat wall versions which will be have high utilization. These flat wall versions are available in all vibrant colors which are light weighted that can be used for displaying the corporate goals with versatility and great ease. Due to the many benefits of fabric pop up displays such as their cost, flexibility, durability and portability they will always be an attractive proposition for anyone displaying at an exhibition.

5 Exhibition Stand Design Ideas To Guarantee Success

The most important task of increasing the sales of a company is to launch an effective marketing campaign for displaying your products through innovative exhibition stand design ideas. The global market is crowded with a lot of companies so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. It is in these situations where the need of a unique advertising technique arises. A large number of exhibition stand design ideas are available which can be used effectively for displaying your products. They serve as a useful tool for advertising the products and can be availed easily at a low cost as well.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many exhibitors are under the mistaken belief that their trade show display has to be bigger and better than their competitors to win more customers and get yourself noticed. However, it is possible to make a big impression even on a small budget. For some potential customers approaching a big stand can be intimidating so if your stand is smaller and your staff are attentive and friendly this can work to your benefit. A smaller stand may make your company come across as personable and by doing business in a cosy atmosphere you can generate trust a lot quicker.

Plan Ahead

To really maximise the potential of your exhibition stand you need to plan in advance. If you are unfamiliar with the venue it’s a good idea to call the exhibition hall once your stand is confirmed and get as much information in advance with regards your stand location and their typical attendee demographics and what works well. By doing this you’ll have more effective exhibition stand design ideas that will work to your advantage. This is a tactic that is often overlooked but which can yield important insider information that can generate lots more business for you. If the location isn’t too far away it may also be worth doing a site survey to give you a much better idea of what to expect on the day and to prepare better.

Be Creative

If you have space in your office or have a warehouse you can use it’s a good idea to do a mock-up of your exhibition stand setup. By doing this you can then experiment with sound, screens, posters, signs, electronic presentations and lighting. Make sure all your signage is noticeable from a distance and isn’t jampacked with text (which is impossible to read from afar). Tweak your display until you feel it looks just right which will save you an incredible amount of time instead of doing all this prepwork on the day of the exhibition.


Have Appropriate Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way of tempting people to your stand and are always one of the most popular exhibition stand design ideas to generate human traffic. However, many companies spend a lot of money on giveaways that people will never use and that end up getting binned. It’s best to do some research or think about what kind of giveaways you’ve received on stands when you’ve gone there to check out suppliers. What things stood out for you as being useful or innovative? Those are types of items you want. The types of things people will continually use and where your brand will always be in front of them.

Select The Most Appropriate Staff

When selecting staff to be on your exhibition stand think about what qualities they will be bringing. If you are in a technical market don’t select too many “techie” people to staff your stands. You will also want some people that are less technical but are good communicators and friendly with that. Many exhibitors routinely use attractive women to “hook” guys into attending their stands which isn’t the most politically correct tactic but we all know it goes on! Regardless, of the tactics you use make sure your staff are always attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. It may be a cliché but they will be the face of your company at the trade show so choose well.

With the implementation of these five exhibition stand design ideas you will be well placed to attract a lot of additional business and have a highly successful trade show display.

Pop Up Booth Displays – Why They Play An Integral Part At Any Exhibition

Pop up booths are an attractive proposition for any business looking to showcase their products or services within an exhibition or trade show environment. Modern pop up booths are specifically designed to be very appealing to the eye and displaying the companys products or services in the best light. In recessionary times especially, most companys engage in a cut throat environment to sell their products. Far from this being a time to withdraw from trade shows it is more an opportunity to gain more business and create brand loyalty that will be rewarded even more once the economy improves.

In their own way trade show booths can assist with this as they can lure potential customers to you at which point you can explain your current offerings, how it can benefit the customer and to build up a rapport. There are four ways these booths can benefit you:

Effective Medium Of Advertising

Pop up booths are the most effective display option when putting up a stall or attending an exhibition as it can be easily transformed into distinct shapes and sizes to suit as per the space provided. It will only take a few minutes to set it up such is the easy nature of this. The success of a trade show display depends on the main factor of how attractive your booth is and number of people who get drawn towards yours stands to find out more. You should be looking towards forming a striking outlook of booths and then backing this up with an impressive display of the products or services offered by your company to really seal the sale!


As the pop up booth is specially designed to attract consumers in large numbers, advertisers should understand the taste of their core market and then tailor their booth accordingly to maximize potential. A pop up booth is made up of panels that pop-up which enables the booth to be very strong. The display booth can be made up of both fabric and graphic panel which depends on the requirement of the customer. Fabric displays are able to be washed without any fear of them losing color and traditional panels are able to be replaced should you fancy a change of display. Pop up booths will have tables which can be modified and it can be even lit up from the bottom or top to highlight the graphics further. There are many offerings in the market of different shapes, sizes and colors so your possibilities are endless.

Ideal Size

Based on your requirements, pop up displays are available in customized models with different frame sizes. The main reason that many businesses opt for exhibition booths is it will fit in most areas. They can be easily assembled in a constrained space within a few minutes. As it light weight, one can easily carry it and transport it from one business exhibition to another.


Pop up display are amongst the strongest exhibition equipment available on the market. Their durability will ensure that you will be able to transport them from one exhibition across the globe to another without fear of finding it broken to pieces when you arrive at your destination.

As they are sold with a lifetime frame guarantee by many manufacturers, it makes them one of the most affordable and durable choices for product promotion.

Pop up displays are a vital component for any exhibition your company may be featuring in. Due to their many benefits a pop up booth is an investment you simply cannot ignore.

Retractable Banner Stands – 4 Reasons They Deserve A Place At Your Exhibition

There are different kinds of banner stands, out of which almost all are designed in such a way that they are flexible and portable and are free-standing and these are certainly qualities that can be attributed to retractable banner stands . When one is searching for a banner in order to promote your business, certain criteria have to be noted. One should look for a banner which can be easily snapped into place without any complexity or heavy lifting. Banners are available in different sizes and shapes to suit the requirement of different advertisers. If one is relying on the banner stand for bulk orders, then they must make sure to select a banner stand at right size and shape. A good banner stand are available at reasonable price hence it is waste to spend lot of money with a false assumption that costlier banners will be a best choice. A banner stand should be highly portable which is made up of lightweight materials so that it can be easily carried of which retractable banner stand is a best choice. Amongst the many benefits of a retractable banner stand are:

Ease Of Transportation

In this new era among the consumers and advertisers, a retractable banner stand is a widely accepted means of advertising at trade shows and exhibitions. A Retractable banner stand is one of the most versatile options because of its easy portability. When purchasing one you will often also be given an accompanying carrying case for your stand to fit snugly in. Should this not be offered (especially if you are buying in a retail store make them aware that many manufacturers offer this free when purchasing online – that usually works!)


Highly Durable

The mechanism behind the retractable banner stand is based on a spring loading. Although there are some higher end varieties of models which utilize a completely distinct retracting style. Out of the different options available, there are double sided retracting banners which are also convenient and easy to transport. These kinds of retractable banner stands are quite durable and can be used for advertising different products and can place advertisements on different events and then be stored easily after the exhibition is over.


Retractable banner stands have lots of brands and varieties. However, the most popular choice and a solid model is those that roll-up over the top. These kinds of banners have high demand among different kinds of firms. An excellent factor which retractable banner stand provides the advertisers is its toughness. Even during sturdy rainfall or hot sunny days, it can be positioned to advertise and will stand resolutely. Apart from its portability and easy to transport characteristics, it is safe to use even in environments where it is exposed to dust, heat and moisture.

Many Uses

Both for indoor and outdoor advertising purposes, any kind of firm can rely on retractable banner displays as it has the scope to attract more customers attention. Large choices of styles, colors and texts are available for one’s needs. These banners will always come with pre-printed information which is installed in the banner stand to meet the expectations of the advertisers.

As can be seen a retractable banner stand has many benefits and should be a stock item any company should purchase if they are displaying their wares at an exhibition or trade show.

5 Reasons Why Savvy Companies Use Pop Up Stands At Their Exhibitions

Making your choice of exhibition marketing medium such as pop up stands is similar to buying clothes in a store. There are many kinds of advertisement mediums available to choose from and most of the options look very appealing. The issue with making a selection out of it is that whether they will match up with the image that one is attempting to display. Pop up stands are one of the best choice that have been available in the market for quite some time and served many business concerns in all kinds of industries. Due to the ongoing market situation, most businesses attending exhibitions strongly rely only on pop up stands for marketing purposes to capture new customer leads.  The many benefits of pop-up stands and why they are so popular are:


Popup stands are generally referred with different names namely portable stand, banner stand or retractable stand. There may be minor differences in all these types but in general they have many common features. One of the major reasons which make most advertisers to rely on it is its affordability factor. For the equivalent cost of a semi-permanent display, one can purchase different multiple varieties of banner stands which is more beneficial for any business. Pop-up stands are available in different budgets to accommodate any kind of business. Even a small scale industry business owner can make shoestring budgeted advertisements by making use of this option.


Compact and Portability

Convenience and easy transportation is also a major aspect which makes business owners to choose pop up banner stands. These displays are very handy as they can be broken down to a compactable size. Hence, it can be stored in a small closet as it will not occupy a vast amount of space (which is hard to believe when you look at how large their structure is once built and in the exhibition hall!). One can even store it on the side of a cabinet due to its small size. They can be transported from one place to another very easily without any hassle. Most manufacturers will also provide you with an accompanying shoulder bag or carrying case so when not in use one can store the pop up stand inside it.

Professional Look

There are many different looking pop up stands possessing all the above mentioned features. Most of the professionals choose X or L banner stands. Pop up A framed banner stand will also have a nice outlook and provide huge space for advertising. If one is looking for thin, sleek, and a clean outlook then they can opt for a retractable roll up banner stand which are one of the more popular types of displays.

Easy Maintenance

Apart from the affordability factor, it is easy to maintain pop up stands for a long time without any further cost. Also advertisers can save money by modifying the pop up stand into vinyl banner which can be attached to the stand. Vinyl banner is also a kind of important advertising tool that can be made out of it. This simply shows the versatility that one can enjoy while purchasing the pop up stands which when taken into account with the many other benefits makes these an ideal choice for your exhibition.

Need To Grab The Attention Of Customers At Exhibitions? Pop Up Stands Are The Answer!

The most essential thing for a company is to build a good impression in the minds of the consumers and the best and most convenient way to do this is by using pop up stands. With the increasing competition in the market and the increase in the number of advertisements, all the companies are trying their level best to grab the attention of new potential customers. Pop up displays are currently one of the most versatile, in-demand and cost effective exhibition tools available in the market. Pop up stands are considered as the most important part of these pop up displays.

How Are They Used?

Pop up displays are available in different sizes and shapes. The common one consists of a light metal frame which produces a shape on removing the packaging on which you can produce the fabric with contents and graphics. These stands are easily portable since they are designed to be lightweight and can be easily expanded to support a large fabric panel. You can also join a number of small stands to create a bigger one which is ideal if you are exhibiting in a larger srea than you normally would do. They are mainly used in campaigns, marketing exhibitions and trade shows. You can even customize them according to your requirement which can go a long way in creating a different impression on the customers.


Many companies conduct a lot of exhibitions to demonstrate and advertise their products. Pop up stands are considered as one of the latest marketing and advertising tools available. They are extremely attractive, interesting, cheap and save a lot of time at the same time. These stands are covered with material exhibiting the qualities of the products in an appealing manner. They are adorned with graphics that are designed to grab your attention even in a crowd. Assembling these stands does not require any additional labor as well. If you face any problem you may even consult an expert specializing in these fields to design and plan your layout to get the most out of your exhibition stand.


Pop up stands provide some amazing displays to interact with the public and even act as the primary element of an exhibition. These displays are durable and some of them can resist water and UV rays as well. The pop up stands may be concave, straight or convex depending on the space available. While a number of them can be assembled at ease to create one that is several feet tall, they also come in the size of a table.

Types Of Pop Up Stands

A large number of companies gather at a trade show making it extremely overcrowded but all of them come with a single purpose – to attract more clients. In such a situation, if you need to grab the attention of the people, you should go for the different types of pop-ups available. The fabric stands are easy to install while the modular system comes with integrated shelves, literature holders and multi-media systems. The graphic stands are the most attractive among all and are available in a variety of models. The twisted stands allow you to use them in all any kind of space available.

With the wide variety of pop up stands available on the market and their visual appeal it’s no wonder they are the ideal choice when looking to add a touch of class to your exhibition.

Why Pop Up Banners Will Always Have An Important Place At Exhibitions

Pop up banners, also known as roll up banners are one of the modern marketing tools available in the market. They have helped in creating a long lasting impression in the minds of the potential customers. They are also integral for any company as pop up banners help a lot in increasing your companies sales. The development in technology has led to the creation of various pop up stands which go a long way in having an impact on passers-by. Amongst the benefits of pop up banners are:


The ability to use various colors and different graphic designs has contributed a lot in the creation of different attractive pop up banners. Research shows that a good and unique advertisement always makes a company stand out from the others and also helps in increasing sales. These banners always serve as an effective tool in marketing exhibitions and trade shows where a huge number of companies gather to attract new clients. Pop up stands are easily portable and are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. They are available at a low cost, can be easily designed in an attractive manner and installed at various places including shops, traffic signals, shopping malls, busy markets, trade shows and exhibitions.

Choosing The Best One

The choice of a banner depends on different factors like availability of space, budget of the company, the pool of clients and the type of product as well. Choosing the bigger pop up banners is always beneficial since you can provide a lot of information and get your message across more effectively. If you have sufficient space and are targeting a large number of clients in an exhibition, you can go for the bigger ones. If you are sure that you can use them repeatedly then the expensive ones are a viable option.



Pop up banners aren’t a new concept in the market. They were earlier popular as indoor marketing tools, but their increasing effectiveness in the outdoor section has led to a rapid increase in their demand. The banners can be folded or unfolded easily and can be installed by a single laborer. They can be easily transported in a case, can be installed anywhere even on a table and can be easily designed with attractive graphic and printing options. You can even use additional accessories and attractive lights to enhance the effectiveness of your advertisement.


Pop up banners are one of the more versatile displays and come in curved and cylindrical shapes as well. You can even join a number of small ones to create a bigger one in a matter of seconds. You can use animated characteristics to make your ad livelier but the key is to not make it too tacky. You can make your marketing campaign really effective and productive by using properly constructed pop up banners.


Pop up banners have the added benefit of being waterproof with them being primarily designed for outdoor usage. As a result, you can use these displays without any fear of damage due to the elements (especially if you live in a country with varying extreme temperatures/weather).

It is due to these many benefits that pop up banners are very popular and will continue to be used despite newer and more advanced marketing methods becoming available.

Need To Boost Your Sales? Point Of Sales Displays Are The Answer!

Point of sale displays (frequently abbreviated as POS) are effective display stands frequently found near to checkout counters. With the increasing amount of competition most companies are facing nowadays, this mode of advertisement has become extremely crucial to attract clients. The job of grabbing the attention of potential customers is of great importance for a company to increase its sales. In an increasingly technologically based world everyone is trying new techniques of marketing which are attractive and completely different from the older ones. In a world full of graphics, every company is trying hard to make its products get noticed. Point of sales displays are known to be one of the best known marketing tools available at present. A POS display is effective for a number of reasons:

Attracts More Clients

High tech marketing tools certainly look attractive but come at an expense. Smaller sized companies are generally unable to afford this and resort to techniques which are available at a lower cost. The point of sales display is one such option which is cheap but effective as well.  Experts say that if you are able to create effective point of sales displays and use it properly, then you have done a good job in advertising and consumers are bound to notice your products. Research has shown that effective pos displays encourage more enquiries and more impulse buying. Over 80% of clients product/service decisions are made by customers at the pos.

Benefits For The Shopkeeper/Exhibitor

The task of informing the people passing by on the road that you have good products and offers in store can also be solved using a properly designed digital board. Point of sales displays goes a long way in increasing your sales by attracting more customers with their appealing appearance. You also get to tell your clients what products you are selling, inform them about the quality of your products, how your store is different from the others and why the people should buy products from your store simply by using an effective pos display. You must be really careful while preparing these display boards since any kind of wrong information can do more harm than good.


Benefits For The Consumer

Point of sales displays also have a lot to offer the customers as well. You get to know the products being sold in the store (or exhibition), the quality and the cost of the products and whether you can avail any discount on the purchase or not easily without even entering the store. You don’t need to enquire in all the stores before confirming the store to buy from. These display come in various shapes and sizes.

Various Forms Of Display

Point of sales displays are gaining in popularity all the time. It is available in various forms and is mainly present in busy markets like shopping malls, retail shops, hotels, trade shows, casinos and restaurants. They are light in weight, portable and can be used for a long period of time. The various forms of pos displays can be placed in front of the shop, on the table or in front of the cashier as well or to effectively market your product or service at an exhibition. Due to their cheap price and marketing effectiveness point of sales displays will always be an attractive proposition to a company looking to gain more business.

4 Tips for Buying The Best Leaflet Holder

A leaflet holder is no longer viewed as an ordinary stationary item, it is considered as an important marketing tool by many businesses. They are widely used in exhibitions, trade shows, offices and other places where leaflets or brochures need to be displayed. Such specially designed holders can help to attract and compel people passing by to pick up your companies brochure. This is because these stands are specially designed to make brochures look more visible and organized. The following are important tips you may want to follow when shopping for leaflet holders:

Knowing The Options

Leaflet holders come in different models with each differing in structure, size, material and budget. For example counter top holders are relatively compact in size and they can be placed on top of the table. These types of holders are very often used in trade shows and exhibitions. On the other hand, wall mounted holders are fixed or mounted into the walls. This type of holder is often used in banks and other business buildings. In addition to these two types, there are different types of leaflet displays available such as double-sided leaflet holders, literature stands and multi-tiered dispensers. By going online you can read up on all the options available to you.

Identifying The Right One

After going through the options available, it is necessary to choose the holders that are ideal to your needs. As mentioned earlier, leaflet holders come in varied varieties with each posing some unique advantages. You should never buy a leaflet holder randomly and without putting any forethought into it. To achieve the desired results or effects in using the brochure holder, you should select the highly optimized model. For instance, if you want more than one type of brochures to be distributed, then you can choose multi pocket holders. These will help you make each type of brochure more visible so that people can pick the one they actually want. In this way, you should choose a holder according to your needs.

brochure stand

Quality and Aesthetics

Both quality and aesthetics are also critical factors that you should look for before buying a leaflet holder. As a holder is something that is used very often, it is good to choose a one that is of good quality. Look for one that has a good level of durability. Aesthetics is also another important thing that you should see before buying the brochure holder. Choosing the displays that are beautifully designed means you can pull more people to pick your brochure. Moreover, it can also make your office space or exhibition booth to have a more polished and professional look.

Buy Online

Of course, you can find the leaflet holders for sale from some of the retail stores in your locality. However, shopping for dispensers through the internet is really a good idea for a number of reasons. By shopping online, you will have plenty to choose from and all the while getting the best value for money. By searching online you may be able to find a leaflet holder that when viewed in a retail store looked to be outside your budget.